Duke – Early ripening variety, medium or large fruit, firm, round, with small scar. Berries are characterized by a mild taste, but after a few hours of cooling they become more aromatic.


Bluecrop – Medium-ripening variety, berry are in large and loose clusters. Berries are large, spherical, slightly flattened, firm and vinous. The skin is heavily covered with light blue coating. Small scar.


Nelson – Medium-ripening variety, large, firm berry with a small scar, growing in loose clusters, resembling some of the berries of the ‘Spartan’ variety.


Brigitta Blue – Late ripening variety, medium/large, light blue berry, with a small scar, very firm, attractive, slightly sour.


Chandler – Medium-ripening variety, with exceptionally large, attractive, flattened berries, which are tasty and firm, with a small scar and an intense, bright blue coating.


Liberty – Late ripening variety, medium and large berries, aligned in size, aromatic and tasty, with a nice blue coating and a small scar, firm, with long shelf life.